Medical Weight Loss Program

Our strategy works so well because we consider the many different methods for weight loss, such as dieting, reducing calories, and exercise, but it also accounts for a patient’s particular needs, such as a chronic condition like arthritis, or heart diseases. Also, the plan works because the weight loss is supervised by a medical professional, which makes it safer and more effective for the patient.

A medical weight-loss professional will consider all of the above factors when putting together a customized, physician-monitored weight-loss plan for the patient. This plan will often incorporate weight-loss supplements too. For example, at FV Urgent Care, we can provide appetite suppressants, natural weight-loss medications, and supplements for increased fat burning.

Fairview will customize a program for each patient based on their medical history and individual needs.

How we can setup the program

The program starts with a comprehensive medical evaluation, including a full battery of lab tests. Many overweight Americans have medical problems that may be limiting their attempts at weight loss. After the consultation, we will design a program that focuses on the following:
1. Suppressing your appetite, usually with a prescription medication (phentermine?).

  1. Increasing your metabolism and energy expenditure using a combination of:
    a. Lipotropic (fat-burning) B12 injections–B12 plays an important role in fat metabolism and many Americans are deficient in this vitamin.

b. Natural energy boosters and fat burners–we utilize a unique combination of vitamins, supplements, and natural products that are provided to each patient.
c. Exercise–we will design an individualized regimen for each patient.

3.Behavior Modification and Lifestyle Changes–gradually changing the bad habits that keep us overweight is a crucial component to maintaining the weight loss you worked so hard to achieve.

You will meet weekly with the Weight Loss team to track your progress.


The cost of a medical weight-loss program can vary depending on how much guidance is offered in the program, how much weight should be lost, and the provider of the program. Generally, the average cost is around $300 a month for a program in the US, with all of the ongoing support and supervision. If you decide to get supplements for your program, then these will cost extra.

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