We have extensive experience in the occupational health field, assisting businesses to reduce injuries, lower costs and promote a safe workplace. Through Focus Occupational Medicine, we offer comprehensive work-related health services to organizations of all sizes from small start-ups to large corporations with hundreds of employees.

Focus Occupational Medicine offers the following services and more to companies and their employees:

Case Management
Our physicians create customized rehabilitation programs for employees to follow and monitor/communicate return-to-work progress.

Drug and Alcohol Testing
Our rapid drug screening services include urine collections, Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services, breath alcohol testing, hair collections, and random consortium programs.

Educational Programs
We offer customized programs in personal health and wellbeing, managing chronic illnesses– like heart disease and diabetes, safety and prevention, nutrition and physical fitness options, etc.

Health and Wellness Programs
We work with organizations to develop wellness programs that actively engage members in maintaining their own health; reduce the overall cost of healthcare, Workers’ Compensation claims and lost work time.

Independent Medical Evaluations (IME)
We conduct IMEs, at the request of employers and insurance carriers, to provide objective opinion about clinical status of an employee who was injured on the job.

Injury Care
Injured employees are evaluated, diagnosed and quickly treated. We also offer Case Management services for follow-up, rehabilitation and fit-for-duty programs.

On-Site Support
We can provide on-site clinics, company physician services, and college health clinical services.


  • School/Sports Exam

We administer physical exams for all school and sports programs.  Immunization records are required.

  • Basic Physical Exam

We perform pre-placement physical examinations to help companies determine whether/not the candidate has the physical capabilities to perform the essential functions of a particular job.

  • OSHA Medial Surveillance

Our regulatory and compliance examinations, performed in accordance with OSHA Standards are designed to establish a medical baseline or periodic evaluation for employees.  These include respiratory and asbestos exposure testing.

Pre-Placement Evaluation

A pre-placement evaluation is an effort to determine if an applicant has the capacities to accomplish the specific duties of the job in keeping with the physical, environmental, and psychological demands of the position. Testing includes physicals, drug screens, immunizations, mask fittings and vision and hearing tests.

We offer a full array of testing services including vision screening, audiology testing, spirometry and pulmonary function testing (PFT), x-rays and laboratory tests.

Workers’ Compensation Cases
After diagnosis, we ensure that both the employer and employee understand the injury, the treatment and any rehabilitation needed, and both will have their concerns listened to and addressed.