Occupational Health and Safety Programs for Firefighters

Occupational health and safety programs for firefighters have received increasing attention over the last several years, due to the growing recognition of potential long-term health risks for this profession. These workers not only face severe physical and psychological demands, but also risks of chronic or delayed job-related health consequences. Firefighters are routinely exposed to a large number of toxic substances (e.g., carbon monoxide, benzene, particulate, asbestos, poly-nuclear aromatic compounds, hydrogen chloride, and cyanide) as well as physical hazards such as heat and noise. Their emergency medical response duties also put them at risk of exposure to infectious agents. Firefighters are at increased risk of cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease, cancer, and noise-induced hearing loss.

Our firefighter medical pre-placement and surveillance exams are performed following the NFPA 1582 standards to assess firefighter readiness to perform the essential job functions.

What to Expect:

• Audiometry
• Drug and Alcohol Screening
• FIT testing
• Hearing Screening
• Occupational health questionnaire
• Physical Abilities Testing
• Pulmonary Function Test
• Respiratory Clearance Physical Exam
• Vision Screening
• Vital Signs including height, weight, blood pressure and pulse